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Remarkable Milk Company believes in bringing you the best products made with high quality ingredients, including organic, from Aussie farmers.

Because you deserve Remarkable.

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Geelong Dairy Milk

We know Geelong is the home of good sports, good surf, good views, good friends and good times. At Geelong Dairy we’d like to add a few to the list; like good work, by good people, bringing good flavour and good quality that’s good for you and good for your family. Geelong Dairy. Full of local GOODness

Available in full cream and light (3lt, 2lt, 1lt).

O3 Milk

O3 Milk contains naturally occurring Omega 3, which is good for your health and good for the cows health. It is full of essential DHA and EPA fatty acids that our bodies need for strong bones, healthy heart, good eye sight and a sharp mind. 


Unsalted Butter

This butter gives you complete control over your cooking and how much salt is required. 

Salted Butter

Perfect for spreading on warm bread, topping off your vegies or making delicious creamy scambled eggs.


Chocolate Milk

Crafted to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lovers. Our aware winning chocolate milk is made with real dark chocolate, creating a smooth, creamy, liquid experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


Chocolate Chilli

Coach house Chocolate Chilli Intense is a spicy and rich chocolate milk drink with a smooth texture, Australian made and produced locally in Victoria. 


A premium chocolate infused chilli drink which is sure to indulge your taste buds both on a cold and warm day. 


Chocolate Hazelnut

Our Smooth, creamy indulgent Coach House Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss is an exquisite flavoured drink that is Australian made and proudly produced in Victoria. 


Relax, unwind, and enjoy this extraordinary drink, where the finest quality chocolate meets the delicate aroma of hazelnuts. 


Organic Double Brie

Our organic double brie has a divinely rich and creamy texture due to the generous addition of wholesome cream. Available in 200g and 1.2kg sizes.

Organic Camembert

This Organic Camembert is a soft ripened cheese with a creamy white rind. It has a plump and pale golden paste with a full flavour. Available in 200g and 1.2kg sizes.


Organic Brie

Our Organic Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese that is white and creamy in colour under a rind of white mould. This Brie has a light, buttery scent and flavour with a salty finish. Available in 200g size.

Organic Haloumi

Our Organic Haloumi is a refreshingly versatile firm, slightly springy cheese with a strong, salty and creamy texture. It is perfect for grilling or frying. Available in 200g size.


Organic Blue

Fruity flavour tones with a firm soft texture. It has a slight salty taste and delightful creaminess. 

Organic Cheddar

A traditional style English Cheese with a nutty flavour. Matured for 3 months and is the ideal cheese for everyday occassions. 

Ky Valley 2L FC_022A6318.png
Ky Valley 2L RF_074A6958.png

Kyvalley Farms Milk

Our pure and natural milk is full flavoured and is both nutritious and satisfying. The ideal milk on it's own, in your cereal and perfect for coffee. All sourced from local Australian family owned dairy farms. Available in full cream (3lt, 2lt, 1lt), reduced fat (2lt, 1lt) and organic (1lt).

Ky Valley_Thickened Cream

Kyvalley Farms Cream

Our fresh thickened cream is full bodied and delicious. Perfect for all your cooking needs. Available in 3lt or talk to us about bulk quantities.

Kiewa Country

Kiewa Country has been an iconic staple in fridges across Northern Victoria for decades. Made with delicious milk directly from the Kiewa Valley the secret is now out and now available across Victoria. Available in full cream and low fat (2lt and 1lt).


Iced Coffee Milk

Our iconic Iced Coffee is the real deal! Made fresh from pasture based milk, carefully crafted with real coffee beans. Taste the difference. Available in 500ml.

Ask about our new Double Shot!

Chocolate Milk

delicious chocolate milk using quality real chocolate. A tried and true recipe that is sure to please the most discerning chocolate milk drinker. Available in 500ml.

Delicious fresh diry products
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