Our Products

Remarkable Milk Company believes in bringing you the best products made with high quality ingredients, including organic, from Aussie farmers.

Because you deserve Remarkable.

Unsalted Butter

This butter gives you complete control over your cooking and how much salt is required. 

Salted Butter

Perfect for spreading on warm bread, topping off your vegies or making delicious creamy scambled eggs.

Salted Caramel Milk

Inspired by the best of French Salted Caramel, this refreshing blend has a smooth and buttery caramel flavour with a hint of salt. Luxuriously flavoursome!

Chocolate Milk

Crafted to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover, made with real dark chocolate – creating a smooth, creamy chocolate experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Organic Double Brie

Our organic double brie has a divinely rich and creamy texture due to the generous addition of wholesome cream. Available in 200g and 1.2kg sizes.

Organic Camembert

This Organic Camembert is a soft ripened cheese with a creamy white rind. It has a plump and pale golden paste with a full flavour. Available in 200g and 1.2kg sizes.

Organic Brie

Our Organic Brie is a soft cow’s milk cheese that is white and creamy in colour under a rind of white mould. This Brie has a light, buttery scent and flavour with a salty finish. Available in 200g size.

Organic Haloumi

Our Organic Haloumi is a refreshingly versatile firm, slightly springy cheese with a strong, salty and creamy texture. It is perfect for grilling or frying. Available in 200g size.

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