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Remarkable Milk Company launches remarkable new functional Omega 3 Milk

Victoria, Australia 2020 – This Friday 16 October, Remarkable Milk Company will launch their one-of-a-kind O3 Milk in Coles supermarkets across Victoria. The product is the first Australian milk to be able to claim that its omega 3 content is naturally occurring.

Remarkable Milk Company is a leading company in new product development across Asia-Pacific markets, and they have invested significantly in bringing to market an omega 3 product that has health benefits for both the consumer and the cows. The product has been in development for over 12 months.

Alastair McCredden, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Remarkable Milk Company is very excited about the launch of our new functional milk, O3 Milk.” The milk in O3 Milk is being sourced from hand selected farming families in Kyabram and processed at Remarkable Milk Company’s Geelong facility.

Mr McCredden added, “This is a great opportunity for our Geelong facility and the team to be responsible for an industry leading product being launched into the Victorian market before its national expansion in the months to come.”

The omega 3 is naturally occurring in the cows milk due to the cow being fed a diet of pasture based supplement with additional feed that provides omega 3. This then passes naturally through the cows milk. The bioavailability of omega 3 in humans is minimal when it is consumed without additional fat whereas omega 3 consumed with a glass of regular fat milk will be more readily digested than the omega 3 in a fish oil capsule that is consumed without an additional fat source. Therefore, the inclusion of Omega 3 in milk can increase efficacy of absorption.

O3 Milk will be available in Coles Supermarkets throughout Victoria from this Friday 16 October, and available nationally in the coming months.


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